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Climbing the peak of scientific research, cancan leads the field of power feedback in China

IPC company in Canada is a professional Canadian converter and the overall solution of converter peripheral products. The products are mainly used in ports, oil fields, mines and other fields. In 2003, the company entered Shenzhen, the forefront of China's reform and opening up, with efficient and safe Dr series energy consumption braking units and energy-saving and environmental friendly PF series feedback braking units. In response to the needs of China's rapidly developing cities, the special energy feedback device for elevators developed by canergy has filled the gap in China's elevator energy conservation industry. In 2004, according to the working conditions of oil pumping units in China's oil fields, canyons launched ipc-md series special frequency converters for oil fields, and then exclusively introduced foreign advanced AC maseter-h7 series four quadrant heavy-duty frequency converters for cranes, which have been widely used in many ports, oil fields and mines in China

the company implements the tenet of high efficiency, automation, specialization and green environmental protection. Reviewing the development process of caneng technology, the reason why it can lead the wave of China's energy-saving feedback products industry is summarized as follows:

first, brand operation: strive to be the first brand of energy-saving feedback

brand, which is the symbol of enterprise products/services in the hearts of consumers. Brand operation is the foundation for enterprises to achieve long-term development, and it is also the foundation for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Since its inception, Canon has established a clear brand operation idea and a complete brand system. Because caneng knows that the business competition of China's market economy in the future is ultimately a brand competition

the core values of caneng's brand are pragmatic integrity and professional enterprising. The former is efficient, pragmatic and honest cooperation; The latter is focused on technology, innovation and enterprising. Based on the brand positioning and brand value, the brand system of Canon is becoming clearer and clearer.

over the years, Canon has always focused on the field of energy-saving feedback. On the basis of adhering to the core value and core positioning, it adheres to the enterprise spirit of sincere trust, and in March, it fell to US $17 million to grow together. It adheres to the development concept of being realistic, innovative and standardized, and will continue to provide customers with better quality, safety, norms Flexible service solutions lead the field of energy-saving feedback in China

second, product autonomy: adhere to independent research and development and innovation of energy-saving feedback technology

products are the foundation of enterprise survival and brand building. The autonomy of products, that is, products do not rely on competitors, but establish a perfect product system through independent innovation, which is the guarantee for the rapid growth of enterprises. And in the process of technology research and development, more attention should be paid to injecting self innovation consciousness, so as to improve product power

canary has a series of frequency conversion feedback products with complete intellectual property rights. Products include energy-saving feedback unit, oil sky feedback, port feedback, mine feedback and hall products. Among the Canary series products, the newly developed PFE series elevator energy feedback device is finely processed, which represents the world's leading technology and can be called the sixth generation. It is a special high-performance feedback braking unit for elevators manufactured with Canadian technology. After using the elevator feedback energy-saving products, the elevator can effectively convert the DC energy stored in the capacitor into AC energy and send it back to the electricity, which plays the role of saving electric energy and protecting the capacitor of the frequency converter

it is in line with the wind of energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon and environmental protection in China to effectively feed back the electric energy generated by the elevator in the specific operation process and reuse it. The maximum power saving rate of the product is 45%. The harmonic coefficient of the feedback voltage of the product is only 2%, which ensures that the feedback electric energy will not pollute the electricity. According to the testing of national authorities and the feedback of market use results, the PFE series elevator energy feedback device of cancan company has remarkable energy-saving effect and stable and reliable performance

third, channel Standardization: establish a fair, standard and standardized channel policy

the saying that channels are king once prevailed in the development process of Chinese enterprises, that is, as long as a perfect channel system is established for many products, the development of enterprises can rest assured. Don't study the correctness of this statement first, but we can see the importance of channels for enterprise development. Canon technology attaches importance to channel construction. Through fair, standard and standardized channel policies, it has widely attracted agents and distributors from all over the country to work together with Canon to jointly tap into the wealth blue ocean of China's variable frequency feedback market

first of all, cancan implements resource sharing to help channel partners succeed: it will enrich technical research, products, marketing, sales, implementation, projects, services and training resources to help channel partners improve their marketing, sales promotion, technical services and other business capabilities to the greatest extent. Secondly, establish a simple and efficient empowerment channel support system: for sales, marketing, after-sales support and other businesses, provide a continuous and perfect channel comprehensive ability support system to improve the business ability of channel partners. Finally, establish a fair and just - empowering channel sales management: adhere to fair and just channel sales management norms, maintain market order, and protect the market and sales project investment of channel partners

in addition, through continuous communication and cooperation with users and channel partners, in order to meet the continuous development needs of users, and help channel partners establish a continuous value-added development platform, and realize the value system of users, agents and canvass, canvass has also developed a channel canvass courtesy plan

Fourth, talent fastening: implement a humanized talent development strategy

talent is the soul of an enterprise and the most important strategic resource of an enterprise. Everything in an enterprise, including brands, products, technologies and channels, must be completed by people. It can be seen that talents are of great importance to the development of enterprises. Enterprises without talents are like bodies without souls. Caneng technology understands this, implements a humanized talent development strategy, constantly improves the talent plan, establishes a perfect human resource management system, and attracts and retains talents through superior corporate culture to fasten talents

under the attraction of humanized talent strategy, most of the senior employees in the composition of canergy human resources, among them, what aspects should be paid attention to when using and depositing the electronic universal experimental machine every year? With a talent growth rate of 10%, all kinds of scientific and technological talents are constantly updating and expanding, and all kinds of scientific and technological talents are gathered in Canon technology in order to show their talents and contribute to Canon and the field of frequency conversion feedback in China. A: please confirm whether the "test piece" is firmly held in youth

brand, products, channels and talents work at the same time to create the brilliance of zenen technology today, and the future development of zenen has a bright future

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