It is the hottest to rebuild the industrial patter

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Rebuild the industrial pattern of Shanghai and reproduce the brilliance of application-based

Beijing dingshenglichuang company and its branch Shanghai jizhida jointly appeared at the 10th International Industrial automation and control technology exhibition. In this exhibition, the two companies exhibited "data acquisition modules, tablet computers, data acquisition cards and embedded systems"

as the leading city in China's economic development, Shanghai also shows a vigorous vitality in the industrial control industry. The manufacturers of industrial control industry occupy Shanghai and the world. As one of them, Beijing dingshenglichuang not only showed its highly competitive products at the exhibition, but also showed the audience its strong solution solving ability and customization ability, which fully matched the needs and potential needs of customers

Ding Shengli Chuang has always advocated "difficult for ourselves, convenient for customers" in the industry. It needs to count once in a cycle to seek diversity. Today, with the rapid update, Beijing Ding Shengli Chuang has brought confidence and efficient service team to extruder enterprises with the strong technical power of self affirmation of 2 (3) manufacturers or brand enterprises, and acted as the hero behind the scenes for customers. This concept has been unanimously recognized by the audience and has achieved positive cooperation intention

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