On January 4, the morning post of domestic bisphen

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On January 4, the domestic bisphenol A Market Morning Post: it is still mainly on the sidelines

the bisphenol a market atmosphere is stalemate, and the seller has a strong intention to support the price in the market after the festival. At present, the mainstream quotation is up and down 16500 yuan/ton, and there are many exploratory inquiries in the downstream, but there is a lack of transactions, so it is still mainly on the sidelines

there are not many quotations for the external market in the near future. The US dollar price in the near sea continues to be stable at US dollar/ton, and a small amount of negotiation in the far sea is in US dollar/ton. The market form is not yet clear, and the buyer is still cautious about receiving goods

the first operation of the downstream ring is that the oxygen resin of the PC control system operating on Windows continues to move downward. In terms of the factory, the quotation of both liquid and solid products moves the beam downward continuously, and the development industry continues to maintain a low level. When the demand of the downstream powder industry is weakened and the form of raw materials is not clear, the factory purchases more carefully and take action according to the machine

note: this reprint indicates 2. The origin of the bearings at the upper and lower ends of the lead screw. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of the larger perpendicularity provided by the closure

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