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White is pure and elegant, bright red is colorful, and black is quiet and solemn. After careful planning and design by the designer, the 60 square meter home with these three colors as the main colors shows fashionable charm and is very comfortable. Next, let's take a look at the following group of small house decoration design renderings

the pure white fabric sofa is exquisite and elegant, does not occupy space, and is also very practical. The big red shelf embedded on the wall on one side of the sofa is very eye-catching, which is just right for placing books or some relatively fragmented items. The inverted U-shaped black coffee table forms a sharp color contrast with the white sofa and the bright red shelf, and the whole small house decoration design effect drawing is more colorful. Thanks to the advantages of open design, the three functional areas of kitchen, dining room and living room are very transparent and bright, creating a comfortable and relaxed living environment

the children's room next to the living room is also open. In the effect drawing of small house decoration design, the small space forms a simple and refreshing double room after simple layout. The interior decoration is simple, with two single beds, and a white bedside table in the middle is convenient for both sides to use. The decoration of decorative paintings on the wall adds a lot of color to the space

the seemingly simple master bedroom is very decorative. The wallpaper with black patterns is very eye-catching on the background wall at the head of the bed, which forms a color contrast with the indoor white double bed, white storage cabinet and white single sofa, breaking the monotony of space. The green pillows on the single sofa next to the bed have become a touch of green in this small family decoration design effect drawing, Fresh colors convey a kind of vitality. In addition, both the bedside table and the wall cabinet or the storage cabinet under the bed play a good role in storage, improving the utilization value of space

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