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The post-60s pay attention to luxury, the Post-70s like simple and modern, and the post-80s LOHAS fashion. Are there any wood? Today, I read the post posted by netizens on the decoration Forum - "post-60s, Post-70s, post-80s decoration style display (personal view)"( )Xiaobian is deeply touched

People born in the 1960s: successful people

from the 1960s to today, after half a century of sedimentation, people born in the 1960s are calm, introverted, simple, and have a more mature understanding of home. It seems that everything at home is the entrance to good memories, and they like to immerse in the tranquility and satisfaction of recalling the past

they often made brilliant achievements in the precipitation of half a century, with happy families and successful careers. Their prominent social status made them have too many requirements for the quality of life. However, the classic of "nostalgia" has always become the theme of furniture loved by people in the 1960s

for example, the netizen winter fog and rain home, you can look at her decoration diary:

[No. 17] "winter fog and rain", and strive to build a happy home ; Tid=34361

people born in the 1970s: taste a family

people in the 1970s who have gradually grown into the backbone of society in the changes of the times, have witnessed the complete process of reform and opening up, and are good at absorbing an inclusive style as the alternators of the new and old times. Such as minimalism of taste in simplicity and low-key

In the 1970s, people experienced in the wave of reform, and their thoughts alternated between tradition and fashion. Their thoughts represent their taste, and their requirements for life are higher than those of their predecessors

1. Porch screen - the introduction of light from the totem of the screen made of thin iron pieces resolves the horizontal closure of the space. Through the jump connection of materials on the floor, the continuity of the living room and porch is connected in series, expanding the endless open

2. Space style - modern furniture as the main body, with luxurious pieces embellished, to create a mixed atmosphere of American style and modern space

people born in the 1980s: fashion people

encountered the market economy as soon as they were born, understood internationalization as soon as they grew up, and used the Internet as soon as they communicated. People born in the 1980s prefer the uniqueness of the overall style of decoration, thereby highlighting their distinctive personality. At the same time, it is more necessary to have distinctive highlights and distinctive colors in the decoration modeling, which inadvertently reveal the thoughts of surpassing the times. They are a generation of trendsetters, returnees, and people who come into contact with new ideas of the country. They often like fashionable styles with different styles. Their decoration must be good-looking and have an alternative feeling.

"as a post-80s generation, I like fresh and fashionable popular elements. When decorating, I will add a lot of bright colors, just personal ideas. Here are a few wonderful Diaries of the decoration diary version:"

[No. 31] these years, We never failed to meet ; tid=36401& Fromuid=40822

[No. 15] I'm in charge of my new home, beautiful island Mancheng ; tid=33493& Fromuid=40822

[No. 6] "my family has treasure" Meijia's letter of Nirvana and rebirth ; tid=28782& Fromuid=40822

[No. 32] I design my family for generations ; tid=36568& Fromuid=40822

[No. 25] Milan image small family, a man's growth from decoration idiot to master ; tid=35229& Fromuid=40822

there are too many posts. You can go to the decoration diary to have a look~~





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