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No "bisphenol a" plastic baby bottles were found in shopping malls and supermarkets

as bisphenol A may have an impact on infant development and immune response, the Ministry of health and other six departments jointly issued an announcement that the import and sale of polycarbonate (PC) baby bottles and other baby bottles containing bisphenol A will be prohibited from September 1. Yesterday, I visited some infant products stores and shopping malls in Xi'an, and found that infant milk bottles were clearly marked with "BPA Free" and other words

the sale of bottles containing bisphenol A is prohibited from this month

in May this year, the Ministry of health and other six departments jointly issued an announcement. In view of the fact that infants and young children are sensitive people, in order to prevent food safety risks and protect infant health, bisphenol A was decided to be prohibited from being used in infant bottles

according to the announcement, bisphenol A is the raw material of polycarbonate, epoxy resin and other polymer materials. It is widely used in the production of chemical products and food related products, and can be transferred to food through food packaging materials and containers. According to the announcement, since June 1 this year, the production of polycarbonate infant milk has been prohibited, and all kinds of anti regulation charging action bottles and other infant milk bottles containing bisphenol A have been eliminated. Since September 1st, 2011, it is forbidden to import and sell polycarbonate baby bottles and other baby bottles containing bisphenol A2.3 interface and program controlled turnover, which shall be recalled by the manufacturer or importer

earlier, the EU also adopted a decision that Member States banned the use of baby plastic milk bottles containing bisphenol A from March 1, 2011, and banned the import of any plastic milk bottles containing bisphenol A into member states from June 1, 2011

most plastic milk bottles are marked with "BPA Free"

yesterday morning, I visited several infant products chain stores and mother and infant products areas of large shopping malls and supermarkets in Xi'an. The shelves were full of milk bottles of various brands, most of which were plastic milk bottles. Through careful inspection, no PC plastic milk bottle that may contain bisphenol A was found

in a chain store of infant supplies on FengHao East Road, two shelves are full of milk bottles with various types and prices ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan. Several parents are carefully shopping for milk bottles. We can see that on the outer packaging of almost all plastic milk bottles, the words "PP", "BPA Free" or "bpafree" are clearly marked in eye-catching positions. A staff member said that since the relevant reports about the possible release of bisphenol A from PC milk bottles and the impact on children's development came out, the "bisphenol a milk bottles" were gradually removed from the shelves. This product was no longer sold two months ago. "These plastic baby bottles can be selected at ease. If the child is young, try to choose glass baby bottles." She said

there are no PC milk bottles in the maternal and infant product areas of many supermarkets. "According to the regulations, the PC bottle may release bisphenol A, which has been taken off the shelf." I hope I can help you near Tumen! A sales promoter in the mother and baby products area of a large supermarket said

yesterday afternoon, I entered "bottle PC" in some shopping stations to search whether there were milk bottles sold in violation of regulations, and no relevant products were found

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